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Spray Tans in Cartersville

Before & After

Appointment Reservation - PLEASE Make an APPT by Texting 770-710-7064, with your Name & Date Needed & Information (Melissa) will respond - Prior to APPT Reservation. We do stay very BOOKED and we are so very THANKFUL. :)  Now IF you call the Salon to Schedule your date & time you will be sent an Invoice/ TEXT Message w/ a Link: Invoice = Email from Soleil Tan GA's Square acct or TEXT Message Click LINK and Pay. Simply Click on the EMAIL/TEXT & it will bring you to a Secure site to Pay the RESERVE FEE, this will need to be taken care of within a 30 min time span or we cannot HOLD your Desired Appointment.  We do a reserve fee to insure you get your desired date & time.  This reserve fee will come off of the Spray cost when you come for your scheduled appointment.  Should you decided not to come, change your mind or reschedule - that reserve fee is gone.  **NOTE: If you are more than 5 MINUTES LATE, You will have to reschedule + pay a New Reserve Fee as our Calendar is always Booked and that would NOT be fair to others.   We VALUE you as our Client. :)


  • Exfoliate - With a Non abrasive body polisher.(Can pick up at our Salon) *Only use an abrasive exfoliant up to 3 days prior to your spray Session, as this will create abrasions that will interfere with the evenness of the spray application.
  • No Lotion, No Perfume, No Jewelry
  • No Deodorant - If you wear it/Use allot - There will be dis-coloration under the ARMS (Green Like Color)
  • Wear Loose/Dark Long Sleeve & Pants + Flip Flops (Flip-flops are easier to Carry, You will Tip-Toe Out)
    • ​Men - Make sure you wear briefs for Your Spray Tan (You will be able to roll up if needed)
    • IF NO BRIEFS = NO Spray Tan 
  • Indulge your skin with our PH Balance Normalization Treatment (Can be sprayed on before the Spray Session, ask your Certified Spray Diva.)
  • ANTI-AGE/SLIMMING Serum - ASK Your Spray Tan Tech about adding it to your Customized Spray!


  • A warm water WASH-IN-RINSE after 8-12 Hrs for Regular/ 4-6 Hrs for Rapid/ 1-4 hrs for Skin Changer- or Directed from your Certified Spray Tan Technician. Our TWILIGHT/Skin Changer are Very FAST Development of Color and our MOST PURCHASED SPRAYS. 
  • 1st SHOWER RINSE- Is just that - Circular Motions the first 3/4 Mins ALL OVER - No Need for Body Wash- This is to be done in Circular Motions Taking off the Bronzer (Top Layer)  *NOTE: This is to Rinse CLEAR then get out and pat dry and apply a MOISTURIZER heavily.  WEAR: PJ Material Thin and Breathable - Long Sleeves & Pants.
  • Washing Entire Body in circular Motions - No Loofah, Sponge or Wash Cloth while Spray Tan is On.
  • Use a PH BALANCED +Sulfate Free Body Wash with Hydrating ingredients - This will keep the skin properly hydrated & Not STREAK or Splotch the Spray Tan. (VERY IMPORTANT) Difficult to FIND - We keep many options at the Salon. (UNDERSTAND here in the States, front label of the bottle is NOT mandated or checked, ANYTHING CAN BE PUT ON for Marketing as long as ingredients on the back are stated - GET TO KNOW Your Ingredients as 99.9% of the Time it contains chemicals NOT desired for Spray Tan!)
  • Moisturize - A Tan Extending Moisturizerwill keep skin hydrated throughout the day, also aids to the tan to fade evenly. 
  • Touch-Up Spray & Lotions - Face, Hands & Feet between your Spray Sessions.  Ask your Spray Tan Diva :)


  1. The Spray will have an Instant Bronze color - this is a cosmetic Bronzer to give immediate color satisfaction.  It will get darker throughout the day.  Not to worry, the Spray Tan is developing underneath.
  2. In the SHOWER - Wash in circular motions with ONLY your Hand & Sulfate Free Body Wash.  No Soaps or other Body Washes, they tend to dry the skin cells, causing them to flake and that loses your color or discolor the Spray tan.  Stay away from products with a high alcohol content. (use ONLY Salon recommendation for the Guarantee!)
  3. After the SHOWER - Pat Dry vs. Rubbing the body dry.  We recommend applying the Tan Extending Moisturizer immediately in circular motions and allow to soak in for approx 3-5 mins, then put clothes on. REPEAT these steps & hints the entirety of the spray tan.
  4. Sleeping Before/After you SHOWER - Use a sheet and place over pillow and where you lay in the bed, so that you don't have to  do sheets the next day.  Side Sleepers use a pillow case between your legs to not transfer to each leg. It does make it easier towear loose cotton breathable long shirt and pants (PJ Material is GREAT) once you get home & to sleep in to AVOID any skin 2 skin contact. (making one lighter/darker than the other) =)

Spray Tan Appointments After Hours are AVAILABLE:

  • Spray Tan Appointments before/after hours: ADD $30 to the Cost of the Spray Tan.
  • -Should you need ONE of these Appointments:
  • PLEASE TEXT  770-710-7064 with Your Information